Avarnius Trill

The Inquisitor of the PCs


Ordo: Unknown


Avarnius Trill is the inquisitor tasked with overseeing the Draconis sector. While some inquisitors roam freely throughout the galaxy, Trill is stationary, remaining within his allotted section of the Imperium, concentrating on keeping that particular part free of taint.

His name, while not publicly announced, is no great secret, and most everyone in power know that he is the eye watching in the shadows, vigilant for any sign of betrayal or heresy. Apart from the name, however, very little is known of him. There are few accounts of encountering him, and those that exist vary wildly in their descriptions of him. What is known is that since he was appointed Lord Culler of the sector 4 years ago, there have been no outbreaks of cults or heresies, and uncontrolled psychic manifestation has been at an all time low.

Avarnius Trill

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