Lord Admiral Barell Vauntis

Commander of Battlefleet Draconis


Name: Barell Sipur Vauntis
Titles: Lord Admiral of Battlefleet Draconis, Captain of the Oberon-class battleship Pugnus Imperator
Age: 88
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 110 kg

Has several Primaris Psykers and powerful Astropaths under his personal command.

None. He is the perfect example of an officer of the imperial navy.


Barell Vauntis was transferred to the Draconis Sector and promoted to lord admiral only 19 years ago. In his time here he has kept up the patrols and basically maintained the contingencies and protocols established by his predecessor.
However, where the previous Lord Admiral Draconis had insisted on keeping the fleet as seperate from local government as possible, Barell Vauntis has instead initiated a close cooperation between his fleet and the systems it protects, going so far as to personally visit with planetary and system governors regularly. A practice that has earned him the friendship of Alvelio Coroz, Lord Komra of the Myrmidis system and de-facto ruler of the draconis sector.

Lord Admiral Barell Vauntis

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