Lord Komra Alvelio Coroz

Governor of the Myrmidis system and defacto ruler of the Draconis Sector


Name: Alvelio Coroz
Titles: Komra and planetary governor of Myrmidis Prime, Lord Komra and system governor of Myrmidis System
Age: 96
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 69 kg

Powerful personality that never fails to leave an impression.
Master diplomat.
Close personal relations with the commander of battlefleet Draconis.
Rumoured to have several battlefleet Draconis officers in his pay.

Prone to seeking peaceful solutions above all else. Considers violence a last resort.
Fondness for Turcarian plum brandy.


Alvelio is the hereditary “Komra” of Myrmidis Prime, a title that has been in the Coroz family since they assumed power after a rebellion against the imperium was put down in 3753562.M40.

The Komra title itself dates back millennia, its origin long forgotten. Present day it is the local title for planetary governor within the Myrmidis system.
As well as being Komra of Myrmidis Prime, Alvelio Coroz is also the Governor overseeing the rest of Myrmidis System, and the Komre of the other planets answer to him. As such he is referred to as “Lord Komra”

The Draconis Sector itself has no appointed imperial governor, but through close relations with Battle Fleet Draconis as well as political wrangling and savvy applications of influence and connections, the Myrmidis Lord Komra has been the de-facte sectorial ruler for over a century now.

Alvelio himself is a handsome, smiling man who seems to always be making new friends. While he certainly does not hesitate to “pull rank” or intimidate through displays of power when absolutely necessary, most of the time he will seek to resolve matters in ways that are satisfactory for both parties.

Lord Komra Alvelio Coroz

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