The Draconis Sector

The Draconis Sector is near the centre of the Segmentum Ultima, stretching from the edge of the massive warp storm known as the Perdian Gap, and towards the southern region of the galactic core.

Due to the dangers of traversing the Perdian Gap, numerous pirates and other enemies of the Emperor hide within it. For this reason Hive Fleet Draconis is almost twice the size expected for the size and importance of the sector, tasked, as it is, with warding off and hunting down any dangers emerging from the gap.

The Capitol System of Draconis is Myrmidis. 7 planets orbiting a star only 8 light-years from what is considered the edges of the Perdian Gap, and anchorage to upwards of 80% of the sector’s fleet.

Apart from Myrmidis, other notable systems of the Draconis Sector are Veridius and Decilliae as well as the uninhabited Kaled System and the mysterious phenomenon known as the Urdonot Manifestaion.

Some theorize it is the vicinity to the Perdian Gap but for whatever reason the Draconis Sector has an unusally high occurance of psychic phenomenon, kept closely under control by the joint efforts of the Adeptus Ministorium and a strong Inquisition presence. As a result of this, the sector has a strong Astropathic presence, often serving as a transit point for many messages between the outer Segmentum Ultima and the Segmentum Solar. Likewise sanctioned psykers are, if not common, then at least not as rare as many other places.
Another result is that the Black Ships of Terra visit the Draconis Sector disproportionately often, with Draconis paying most of its Imperial Tithe in psychic candidates, in fact being the 6th largest tither of psychically attuned individuals in the known Imperium.

While the tithe to the Imperium is paid in psykers and ships and men and weapons, internally the Draconis Sector’s economy uses the unit of the Rook. A unit dating back to the age of Apostasy as a currency in the sector, it is often, informally, referred to simply as “credits”.
The Rook is the standard currency used throughout the sector, and while actual physical rooks do exist (taking the form of rectangular plastic/ceramic chits with various patters of rectangular holes denoting value) most people deal with the rook in the form of Cred-sticks. A simple pen-sized device that directly accesses a person’s account and instantly handles transfers.
The Rook is a stable currency, having remained at the exact same value, relative to Terra, for over 1800 years. The set rate is that 120 Rooks are the equivelant of 1 Throne Gelt. Although Rooks are only very rarely used in numbers smaller than 10 or 25.

The Draconis Sector

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