Thalia Ostrum

"Do not ask why you serve. Only ask how"


Thalia stands just above 5 ft. 6" and is as such a small person. She is quite ordinary looking with grey eyes and long, black hair collected in a ponytail. She wears the uniform from Battlefleet Draconis that marks her as a psyker. At her side she carries a sword and a las pistol. Around her neck she wears a psykanna mercy blade in a leather string. If one is still in doubt about her function, the mark in her forehead clearly distinguishes her as an Imperial Psyker.

Her voice has a mecanically sound to it. If asked, she is quite open to the fact that she lost the ability to speak during her psycic testing. Afterwards a voxbox was operated in. If one looks closely, a green light can be seen through her skin at her throat everytime she speaks.


Thalia has been serving the Battlefleet Draconis her entire life. Born from parents that both have careers within the Battlefleet Draconis she enrolled when she was 18. Following in her fathers footsteps, she served in the Adeptus Munitorium before it was discovered that she processed psycic abilities. Thalia was then shipped off to Terra on the Black Ships for her test. She proved herself and managed to survive, earning her place among the Imperial Sanctioned Psykers.

Upon her return to the Battlefleet Draconis her life has changed radically. People she once called friends fear her becaurse of her being a psyker. Her only contact to her old life is her father Gobrecht Ostrum, a logistic administrator within Adeptus Munitorium.

Since her return form Terra Thalia has served on Myrmidis Tertius, eager to prove her worth as a psyker to the Battlefleet Draconis. Her old life was over the moment she sat foot aboard The Black Ships.

Thalia Ostrum

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