The snarrat is a wirey lizard. Standing about 40-50 cm tall and reaching up to 150 cm in length, the Snarrat could be compared to a dog, and a few of them are indeed kept as pets in Hive Myrmidis.
However, despite being primarily carrion eaters, they have a vicious temper and are known for being “too clever for their own good”. Add to this the poison secreted in the snarrat’s saliva and it is clear why most of them are hunted down and killed to keep the population down.
Alone they skulk around, searching for carrion or weakened creatures, but in packs they work themselves into a frenzy and often attack creatures much larger than themselves if threatened.

WS: 17
BS: -
S: 23
T: 42
Ag: 36
Int: 19
Per: 39
WP: 21
Fel: –
W: 7

Movement: 4/8/12/24

Skills: Awareness (Per), Climb+20 (S), Contortionist (Ag), Dodge (Ag), Concealment+10 (Ag), Swim+10 (Str)

Talents and Traits: Scrawny, Quadroped, Resistance (poison), Darksight, Heightened senses (hearing), Bestial, Natural armour 1

Armour: Scaly hide (All locations: 1)

Weapons: Bite (1d10+2 R; Primitive, Toxic 1d10)

Threat rating: Xenos Minima


Fear and Loathing in Draconis Myrmidis Jacobklitte