Demonic Activity

A Warp entity known as “The Tempter in Shadows” was trapped in an innocent man by a mad cultist creating a demonhost.
After hunting down and killing the people responsible (A criminal organisation known as “The Service” the, still mostly sentient, demonhost settled in the underhive leading a group of mutants.

The Acolytes investigated the facts in this and ended up finding the Demonhost which they destroyed, allowing the Warp entity to return to its home and the host to find peace in death.

A secret inquisition monastery on Ocus, archiving forbidden demonic lore, suddenly went off the grid. The Acolytes investigated together with PDF troopers and found the place mostly barren with the servitors running wild and what few scribes remained completely lost to madness.

After subjugating what resistance there was, a single forbidden file was found to have been copied and taken from the monastery.
The ship carrying the data used falsified imperial IDs and was tracked on a course towards the Perdian Gap. 2 imperial ships were sent to investigate but contact was lost due to Warp disturbance.

The Acolytes were sent to investigate, finding the 2 imperial ships destroyed. The bridge of one was mostly intact, and they boarded seeking to recover any useful information from the ship’s computer.
Upon entry they were attacked as demonic “light snakes” animated the corpses of the crew and overwhelmed them…

Demonic Activity

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