Myrmidis System

Myrmidis is the closest inhabited system to the Perdian Gap and the defacte capitol system of the Draconis Sector even though the system governor Lord Komra Alvelio Coroz does not officially hold the title of sectorial governor.

Myrmidis consists of 7 planets, numbered for their proximity to the star, but named for their percieved importance:

Myrmidis 1 aka Myrmidis Septus
Myrmidis 2 aka Myrmidis Sextus
Myrmidis 3 aka Myrmidis Prime
Myrmidis 4 aka Myrmidis Quartus
Myrmidis 5 aka Myrmidis Secundus
Myrmidis 6 aka Myrmidis Quintus
Myrmidis 7 aka Myrmidis Tertius

The Inquisition in Myrmidis and the Draconis Sector

The Imperial Cult in Myrmidis and the Draconis Sector

Imperial Culture in Myrmidis and the Draconis Sector

Myrmidis System

Fear and Loathing in Draconis Myrmidis Jacobklitte